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September and October services

On 10th September at 10.30am we welcome George Verwer for a special guest service at St.Michael’s. Full details are here. During late September and early October our Sunday services will be looking at selected Psalms, learning wisdom from this part of God’s Word. The passages and preachers will include: 17th Sep      “The way of wisdom”  …

Vicar’s blog: The case for Christ

Can a case be made for belief in the Christian God in twenty-first century Britain? I believe it can! Leading thinkers on the subject point us to three reasons that remain as true today as they’ve ever been. Three reasons that can be conveniently called the Cosmos, Consciousness and Christ. The Cosmos Contemporary scientists tell us…

Support us through “Give as you live”

You can now support St Michael’s every time you shop online! Simply visit your favourite online stores through the Give As You Live website or mobile phone app, and nominate St Michael’s Church Gidea Park as your favourite charity. A proportion of your online expenditure will then be donated to St Michael’s church and its…