Serving Christ and sharing the Gospel

Welcome to the website of St Michael’s Church, Gidea Park. Our site describes who we are and what we do. But the best way to find out about our church is to join us on Sundays or a mid-week course – we look forward to welcoming you!

Who are we?

  • We are an evangelical Christian church, seeking to love and serve the God who has revealed himself in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ, and who speaks to us today in the Bible.
  • We are an Anglican church, belonging to the Church of England’s diocese of Chelmsford.
  • We are a Parish church, aiming to serve everyone who lives in Gidea Park, along with all others who choose to join our congregation.

What do we believe?

St Michael’s seeks to uphold and proclaim the historic, biblical beliefs of the Church of England as expressed in The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion. You can read these historic Articles here, alongside an explanation in contemporary English. You can watch a short video describing the ‘essentials’ of Christianity here.

What do we do?

Please join us for our Sunday service every week at 10:30am. We also offer a range of midweek activities and special events catering for people of every age. Our church building is also available to our parishioners for:

St Michael’s resolution on sexuality:

– we won’t offer prayers of blessing for same-sex relationships at St Michael’s;
– we won’t welcome anyone to officiate or preach at St Michael’s who is unable to affirm the statement below:
St Michael’s affirms the current Church of England doctrine that the only place for sexual activity is in marriage between one man and one woman, which is intended to be for life, since we believe this to be the pattern given to us in scripture. We affirm the beauty, as commended in scripture, of both marriage and celibate singleness. We seek to provide good pastoral support for those who may struggle to live by this teaching and welcome all people to St Michael’s, regardless of their sexual status or orientation. We seek to be a Church which is a loving Christian community, an extended family, and a place where we hold to a traditional Christian view of marriage, as set out in scripture and the Book of Common Prayer, 39 Articles and Ordinal, and to do so with grace and love.

You can watch a short video ‘tour’ of our church building by clicking here: Tour of St.Michael’s.

Further information can be found on this site, including details of the community groups who use our halls. Please contact us, however, if you have any further questions.