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If you have already made a Will, or are intending to do so, you may wish to consider leaving a legacy to St Michael’s. This can be done simply and at little or no extra cost by adding an additional clause when making your Will. Alternatively you can make a Codicil to an existing Will.  In either case professional legal advice should always be sought.

Legacies to UK Registered Charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax. St Michael’s is a registered charity and its charity number 1134165 should be clearly stated on any bequest. It is also advisable to tell your family or main beneficiaries of your estate about your legacy intentions to avoid any misunderstandings later.

Some legacies have a specific “designation” but obviously the Church would rather a broader remit be given by the donor to avoid over-subscribing to certain areas or having monies dormant for many years.

Past legacies to St Michael’s have varied from a few hundred to several thousands of pounds. Some have been ‘Pecuniary’ (where the figure is pre-stated) and others have been ‘Residual’ (where the church has received a pre-determined percentage of the estate). We recommend advice be sought in both cases. You may also wish to contact us or speak to our Treasurer, Martin Bennett.