Serving Christ and sharing the Gospel

June and July services

From late May until the end of July we’ll be following a sermon series in Genesis 4-22. Entitled From Adam to Abraham, the passages and preachers in this series will include:

  • Sun 27th May    “Cain and Abel”     (Gen 4:1-16, Phil Weston)
  • Sun 3rd June    “Noah’s Ark”     (Gen 6:9-22, Ken Perkins)
  • Sun 10th June    “The Flood”     (Gen 7:1-10, 8:1-17, Gemma-Louise Piggott)
  • Sun 17th June    “The Tower of Babel”    (Gen 11:1-9, Matthew Piggott)
  • Sun 24th June    “The Call of Abram”     (Gen 12:1-9, Phil Weston)
  • Sun 1st July     “Meeting Melchizedek”     (Gen 14:8-20, Phil Weston)
  • Sun 8th July     “Promises to Abraham”     (Gen 15:1-21, Gemma-Louise Piggott)
  • Sun 15th July    “Three Visitors”      (Gen 18:1-19, Ken Perkins)
  • Sun 22nd July    “The Sacrifice of Isaac”     (Gen 21:1-5, 22:1-14, Phil Weston) 

Our services are at 8.30am and 10.30am each Sunday. Text and audio of all our sermons are available here.