Serving Christ and sharing the Gospel

August services

From 30th July until 3rd September our 8.30am and 10.30am Sunday services will be looking at the apostle Paul’s amazing missionary adventures, described for us in the book of Acts. The passages and preachers will include:

  • 30 Jul         “Ministry in Antioch”    (Acts 11:19-30, 12:25-13:3, James Green)
  • 6 Aug         “A council at Jerusalem”    (Acts 15:1-22, Ken Perkins)
  • 13 Aug        “Philosophy in Athens”    (Acts 17:16-34, Phil Weston) 
  • 20 Aug        “Uproar at the Temple”    (Acts 21:17-36, 22:30-23:11, Phil Weston)
  • 27 Aug        “A storm at sea”            (Acts 27:1-28:10, Phil Weston)           
  • 3 Sep          “A home in Rome”      (Acts 28:11-31, Ken Perkins)

If you miss a week, text and audio of all our sermons can be found on our website here.